Daco Floating landing stage D700

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The DACO D700 Series is a light landing stage system with a solid, sturdy feel. The jetties are built of slow-growing Norrland pine. Pressure impregnated for almost infinite strength. All visible surfaces are planed with rounded tops to give that soft and pleasant wooden feeling. The full length lengthways deck planks are as long as the jetty, this gives the greatest strength and most beautiful appearance. Our customers have discovered the feel and quality of these jetties and they are used both as private jetties and for large systems. The DACO D700 system allows for great flexibility. Delivered in standard dimensions width 2.4m and length 10m.
The jetties are usually delivered from the factory on a truck ready for launching. The sections are joined together with unique rubber joints that mean the jetty is resilient and silent.
Walkways and gangways of various designs in wood or aluminium. The jetties can be equipped with channels for water and electricity. Bitts, mooring planks and anchor braces are of course also included. Can also be supplemented with Y-booms

Unsinkable floats
The floats are made of strong and durable polyethylene. They are not affected by the sun's UV rays or acids and oils. The floats are filled with molded cell plastics and therefore unsinkable and resistant to freezing.

Soundless jetty joints
The jetty sections are joined together with patented rubber couplings with a steel core, guaranteeing high strength. The unique braces allow movement in all directions and are completely silent! In addition, assembly is very simple.

Bitts (optional)
Powerful bitts, clamped to the framework. Optional as factory-fitted.

Service channel (optional)
Service channel for electricity, water, telephone etc. The channel is covered with a non-slip aluminium profile. Optional as factory-fitted.

Mooring plank (optional)
For flexible mooring to the jetty. Optional as factory-fitted.

Fender strip (optional)
White fender.

The DACO jetty has many areas of use

DACO jetties have been around for over 30 years. A number of different systems are available and have been delivered in many places over the years. Summer cottages, community facilities, small habours, bathing facilities, marinas in Sweden, Greece and England, to name a few.


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