Daco Floating landing stage D600

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The D600 works well as a boat jetty and a recreational jetty, as a single jetty or interconnected in a larger system. The sections are joined together with unique rubber joints that mean the jetty moves in an elastic and silent way. The jetty is delivered in finished sections from the factory.
The D600 is built to last for many years. The jetty frame design is reinforced with strong corner brackets of hot-dip galvanized steel. The wood is a press-impregnated Norrland pine that is finger-jointed for the entire length - the deck and side timber are as long as the jetty for maximum strength, so the deck is mounted longitudinally. The top of the deck is rounded to improve water drainage and it also makes the surface pleasant to walk on and all wooden edges are rounded.

The DACO jetty has many uses!

There are numerous combination possibilities with the DACO jetties patented coupling system. You can also build the jetty at angles. Of course, the D600 can be equipped with booms, standard buoys and a walkway.

Unsinkable floats
The floats are made of strong and polyethylene. They are not affected by the sun's UV rays or acids and oils. The floats are filled with molded cell plastics and therefore unsinkable and resistant to freezing.

Soundless jetty joints
The jetty sections are joined together with patented rubber couplings with a steel core, guaranteed high strength. The unique braces allow movement in all directions and are completely silent! Additionally: assembly is very simple.

Bitts (optional)
Powerful bitts, clamped to the framework. Optional as factory-fitted.

Service channel (optional)
Service channel for electricity, water, telephone etc. The channel is covered with a non-slip aluminium profile. Optional as factory-fitted.

Mooring plank (optional)
For flexible mooring to the jetty. Optional as factory-fitted.

Fender strip (optional)
White fender.

Boat boom (optional)
The jetties can be complemented with our range of Y-booms. Also available in portable designs. Ask us about this.


We can make adjustments for various types of desired accessibility adaptations, fishing jetties, rail systems, ramps, etc.

Bumper guards, Anchor braces, Chain, Concrete weights, Anchors etc


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