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Daco floating landing stages have been being manufactured in Ersmark, outside Skellefteå, Sweden, for over 30 years. The range includes jetties for summer cottages, bathing facilities as well as boat jetties for small and large marinas. We have satisfied customers across the whole of Sweden, Norway, England, Greece, amongst others. You are also very welcome to get in touch - contact us and we will help you with the right solution tailored to your circumstances and wishes!


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What makes Daco landing stages so special

  • Decks with lengthways timber provide the strongest and most beautiful landing stages.
  • Finished floating landing stages are ready to launch.
  • The quality of the tree, from the slow-growing pine in Swedish Upper Norrland, is unique - perhaps the best in the world.
  • The wood is finger-jointed and pressure-treated to the highest rotary protection class.
  • All nails, screws and fittings are hot-dip galvanised and treated to resist rusting.
  • The jetty modules of the D600 and D700 series are coupled with a patented rubber coupling that is strong, silent and flexible.
  • When you buy a Daco jetty, you will get a tailor-made solution that is functional and reliable right from the start.


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