Shielding for ice hockey boards

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DACO shielding for ice hockey boards has been developed for best function, easy handling and a design that is appealing.


Posts of anodized aluminium profile specially adapted for the purpose.
Glass holding strips DACO H profile PE, wears less on the glass, also means fewer parts to handle. Post and glass holding strips are already assembled and are included when demounted. Alternatively a design is available with a screw-in aluminium cap and separate shielding strip for the edge of the glass.


For board type LA (aluminium), the aluminium posts can be integrated with the board pole which is placed in the lintel  upper frame tube (drilled). No tools are required for the glass disassembly in this case
The posts can be pulled straight out of the board, a very good solution when the glass has to be frequently disassembled.


Posts are also available in steel profile, galvanized.
Polycarbonate glass shielding instead of tempered glass is available with posts or alternatively with frames.
Postless systems are available in combination with customised board systems.
Glass shielding for stalls: tempered glass or PC, with poles or frames.
Postless systems are available with custom wall elements.
Roof screen for rear walls of the players' benches
Protective cushions for the ends of the shielding glass.
Shielding net, drop net:
The short sides of the boards and curves, incl. frame on top that follows the board's contour, are usually delivered with a lifting hitch for easy lifting.


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