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Revolutionary board systems with high player safety thanks to a unique system with flexible integrated polycarbonate protection in combination with energy absorbing and resilient board construction. Strongly reduced edge between board and shielding.
High transparency.
Highly manageable, user-friendly.
Prepared for the installation of monitors for advertising.

Standard rink size:
30x60m, curve radius 8.5m
2 + 2cs players' entrance gate 0.8m to players' benches
2pcs players' entrance gates O.8m to the penalty box, openable from the inside
1pcs machine gate 3.5m with raisable-adjustable base.
Integrated permanent line markings in the base

Frame system:
Single-frame board with double frame base.
Simple and flexible installation, just bolt to a solid base.
No separate support is required, meaning more space behind the board.

Frame material:
Aluminium frames result in a low panel weight for easier handling, especially when the board elements will be frequently mounted and taken down.
Aluminium additionally has an attractive appearance and is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Impact resistant HDPE polyethylene plastic for maximum durability and long service life
The board casings are screwed to the frame (pop-nit is not used) for the highest quality and easy maintenance. Environmentally friendly and recyclable


Polycarbonate PC, usually with coating for best scratch resistance and high optical quality
Unique fastening system with maximum flexibility and energy absorption
Very easy-to-use system with fewer parts greatly facilitates mounting and dismantling


Installations include: Skellefteå Kraft Arena, Coop Arena Luleå, Scandinavium Gothenburg.

Advertising shielding polycarbonate
Polycarbonate surface for advertising screens
Reverse side casing
Ice dam for easy disassembly of boards during ice surface maintainance
Quick couplings for board elements


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