Benches for ice hockey

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The DACO rink systems also include solutions for the players' benches and penalty box / officiators' booth.

  • Wall radiator
  • Floor panels (standard height O.3m)
  • Rubber mats: 5mm or alternatively 10mm skate mat.
  • Benches, with or without backrest and water bottle holder
  • Table for functionaries with homogeneous wooden board and stable frame for long life.

The bench solutions are a complete system optimised for players, functionaries and audiences.
Glass shielding for benches with posts, alternatively as a postless system with custom wall radiators.
Tempered glass for best visibility, function and service life.
Roof screen mounted on the rear wall gives high security in the box.
Comprehensive roofing solutions for the officiators' booth / penalty box are also available.


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