Daco has a long tradition and began to produce ice hockey rinks in the 1960s. For many years, DACO has delivered and installed board systems to a large number of satisfied customers worldwide! Today we produce and market several varieties of ice hockey boards and many other types of boards for a variety of uses - some examples:

  • Rinks / boards
  • Ice-hockey (alu, steel, wood), with custom solutions (from school boards to the most modern multi-arenas) for different surfaces
  • Divider boards for ice hockey rinks (see below)
  • Multi-rinks, year-round rinks
  • Floorball boards
  • Bandy boards (new version)
  • Boards for multisport venues
  • Boards for squares and other public spaces
  • Boards for plastic-ice rinks etc.

The board systems are produced with a variety of attachments, as well as room for specific adjustments that can be made. Flexible solutions for new installations as well as renovations and exchanges! For example, we can deliver custom insertion goods for board fastening and CAD-designed location drawings.

Allow us to help you right from the start - it makes it easier for everyone. For many years, DACO has delivered board systems to a large number of satisfied customers worldwide!
DACO arena products, storage and accessories for ice hockey:
Daco also has unique experience and manufacturing resources, which allows us to provide details for maintenance of existing facilities. We can offer a solution for most things, even special requests!


Examples of products and accessories:

  • Shielding for boards, glass shielding - We also make upgrades and installations for existing rinks - just ask!
  • Protective cushioning for boards between the shielding
  • Shielding for ice hockey benches
  • Players' bench, penalty box, officiators' booth
  • Advertising shielding
  • Net, drop net, puck netting with accessories
  • Sound insulation, energy insulation of board
  • Tempered glass - all dimensions
  • Plexiglas - all dimensions
  • Polycarbonate plastic - all dimensions
  • Polycarbonate Margard, Sapphire-all dimensions
  • Polyethylene plastic, sheet material and machine processed
  • Plastic strips, also tailored to your dimensions
  • Dasherboards
  • Energy - interior ceiling for hallways
  • Match clocks, Scoreboards
  • Line markings
  • Goals, nets, paddings
  • Flex-pegs for goals, including sleeves, we also carry out installations in existing setups and concrete pistes
  • Benches, with and without backrests and water bottle shelves
  • rubber mats
  • Floor radiator for ice hockey bench
  • Wall radiator for ice hockey bench
  • Club stand
  • Event floor for ice surface multifolve fire extinguishing system
  • Advertising display diode
  • Mounting, installation, rebuilding etc.


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