DACO Floorball Board systems

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The boards are made of an aluminium body of anodized aluminium profiles with powder coated lintels. The surface is made of highly impact resistant and anti-aging polypropylene. The segments can not be damaged as exceptional breakage occurs in the sectional joints. The foot strut is made of solid steel with a protective coating against the floor.

The foot is mounted in a flat layering in the single section of the board section so that it can be folded in. The cart is a welded aluminium structure.

The board can be delivered on a cart with three levels or two carts with one level. The carts are supplied with easy-roll wheels that do not mark the floor, two of the wheels are rotatable.


4 curving pieces, radii 1.6 m
34 pcs Straight, 3 metres, 14kg / pcs
2 pcs straight adding pieces, 1.8 metres
2 pcs straight adding pieces, 0.8 metres
1 pcs storage cart 3-level


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